About us

About us

RunTrace is a comprehensive IT based solution for technical support and time tracking at sport events.

After several crucial years of experience both from perspective of race organizers and contestants, we wanted SOLUTION that will cover all the needs that are bothering both sides – documented, yet flexible application, live results and nothing to think about once the race is finished.

So, meet RunTrace – complete IT solution that enables race organizers to handle contestants’:

  • Applications before,
  • Performance during, and
  • Results after the race.

RunTrace covers a lot: long races (half marathons, marathons, ultra-marathons), trail running events, towerruning, bike races, long distance swimming, triathlon… If you need it for something else, let us know – it is probably already covered. Whatever happens on the race, it will be automatically published online.

At the moment, we are proud on our main advantages:

Data flexibility – define your own race, categories, control points, staff duties. Furthermore, you can even have race-time decision will the runner be registered or transferred to any other available race. Whatever you decide, it is one click away from its online publication.

Timing flexibility – we can use smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Currently we are in process of developing our own time tags.

Price flexibility – considering our running background, we will always be oriented towards people moving. Thus, our policy is to keep RunTrace affordable, to seal the best price on the market and to stand available for negotiations.

RunTrace development is a never ending process – we are looking forward going through it together!

Our Timeline...
  • Full system UX redesign
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Public portal redesign & domain unification
  • Virtual races – four different processes
  • GPX processing and map tracking
  • Advanced upgrades – batch changes, teams, data import / export, bib customization
  • Introducing key entities – partners, translators, currencies, graphic material
  • Custom views – lap table
  • Equipment enhancement – sound systems, TV display
  • Performance optimization – event archive
  • Operational improvements and thorough debugging
  • Strategic partnership with Montenegro
  • Facilitating cooperation with Senzor – medals
  • Refactoring and cloud migration
  • Facilitating control panels – race directors & multi-level administration
  • Advanced upgrades – video processing, offline timing, mobile application
  • Introducing key entities – checkpoints, teams, relays, controllers, languages
  • Custom views – dial entering, live lap updates
  • Chip timing system – multi-sport acquisitions
  • Improved security, backup and analytics
  • Performance optimization – generating results
  • Operational improvements and thorough debugging
  • Strategic partnership with Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Facilitating cooperation with GB3 – textile
  • Introducing key entities – bibs, videos
  • Data import / export
  • Chip timing system – first acquisition and integration
  • Equipment enhancement – gates, roof stopwatch, tents, network stations, power supply
  • Operational improvements and thorough debugging
  • Public portal
  • Contracting initialization
  • Equipment enhancement – stopwatch display, laptops, mobile phones
  • Custom views – PDF results
  • Improvements based on first feedbacks
  • Certificate customization
  • Introducing key entities – users, laps
  • Custom views – tiles
  • First simultaneous international tests and debugging
  • First race – public
  • System initialization – architecture, design, setup, hosting
  • Mobile application initialization
  • POC and feasibility study
  • Introducing key entities – events, races, segments, participants, results, statuses
  • Initial testing and debugging
  • First race – private